Package peaklau.eaglefund

Interface Summary
INavigator This interface is used by all the screen classes.

Class Summary
BaseCanvas BaseCanvas class
The subclasses of this class should overwrite paint() method .
BigInteger BigInteger class.
DataCenter DataCenter class wraps all the Record operations.
FundAddScreen User Interface for adding funds.
FundDeleteScreen User Interface for deleting funds.
FundDoModifyScreen User Interface for modifying one fund quota.
FundModifyScreen FundModifyScreen class
Selecting one fund to modify its quota.
HttpClient HttpClient class
do http get or post

Main This is the application entry.
MainScreen MainScreen class
EagleFund logo is painted in the center of the screen,
and the application version is showed at the bottom.
ScrollScreen ScrollScreen class This class can display text with vertical scroll bar.
StockImage Display stock index by image

First, get the latest stock index data from
StockImageData Parse index XML class

StockScreen Get the newest ZhongZheng100 and HuShen300 index value

The request is the standard HTTP request, and the URL is
TitleScreen Show a title on the top of the screen

ValueScreen Display information of one's selected funds class

First step, synchronize the newest fund's value from .

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